Virgin Islands National Park: Moving Up the Hill


We tidied the eco-tent, finished packing up, and by 10:30am, had put everything into the Jeep to take it down to the registration desk to be held until we could move into the full-kitchen loft for the final two nights. But when Sean went in and asked, the staff said that they were cleaning the loft already, and that by the time we drove around and up the hill, they’d be done. We could move in immediately.

Set high among the trees on the top level of Concordia, the unit’s walkway could be accessed from either the road above or, via for flights of stairs, from the pool level. It was a three-story building, of which our unit was the upper two floors. Or rather the upper floor and a spacious loft. It had a queen bed in the loft and futon downstairs, as well as a roll-out bed. The water was potable from both the kitchen tap and in the two bathrooms. The louvered windows looked out on a broad balcony that wrapped around two sides, east and south.

The walkway to the unit.
The main room. Image: Bethany Cara Bray
The kitchen area. Image: Bethany Cara Bray
Looking up toward the loft. Image: Bethany Cara Bray
The balcony. Image: Bethany Cara Bray

Adam shot a brief video of the panoramic view from the balcony.

Video: Adam Geffen


It felt like we were the kings of the hill because we were perched so high and the unit was so nice. But still, some of us missed the eco-tent. We’re glad that we had both experiences at Concordia.

Phil decided to hang back and relax at Concordia with Bethany. So Adam, Sean, and I grabbed our packs and headed to the jeep for our hike.

Bethany enjoyed watching the sailboat race around St. John that was happening that day.

Image: Bethany Cara Bray

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