Isle Royale National Park: To Scoville Point

Scoville Point is the northeast tip of the peninsula ridge that houses Rock Harbor Lodge and visitor center. It is at the end of the 4.2-mile loop of Stoll Trail. We set out with little more than water for an afternoon hike there and back.

The first part of the trail is very moderate and has interpretive signage about the flora, fauna, geology, climate, and human history of Isle Royale. It was clearly designed for the benefit of visitors who are not hikers, but who want to have a nature walk and take in some lovely views. There are even places to stop and rest along the way.

Further on, though, the trail gets rugged, more like what we’d gotten used to elsewhere on the island.

Suddenly it was upon us, with Sean, who had been looking forward to Scoville Point the entire trip, in the lead.

Image: Sean M. Santos

Image: Sean M. Santos

Adam jumped across a cleft in the rocks to get to an outer ridge.

Image: Sean M. Santos

Image: Sean M. Santos

On the way back, we decided to explore a huge chunk of rock that was slowly separating from the mainland.

Perhaps in 5,000 years, this will be a new version of Suzy’s Cave.

Image: Sean M. Santos

Image: Sean M. Santos

The loop path took us through the forest to skirt Tobin Harbor, a lovely bookend since that was where our hiking had begun five days earlier.

Image: Sean M. Santos

Red-breasted mergansers

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